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A natural attitude

Happy New Year !!!!

It's a bit late, we know, but could not refrain from wishing you all a happy and succesfull new year !

We really hope it will be a good year ….. better than the last one, full of joy, peace and love.

We have started again with a lot of good intentions, of new ideas, projects and visions. We hope we will grow wiser and more experienced than we were only one year ago.

It's a good way to start again …..have a goal in mind and start working on that with determination.

​In January we have benn exhibiting in VicenzaOro and we want to thank all the clients/supporters/journalists and friends who came, passed by and made it a fruitful, successfull experience.

In Vicenza we have presented the new collections and could ripe a good feedback.

The concept that will be further developed in the months to come is the “natural attitude” that we have introduced in our vocalubary not so long ago.

It's an idea that represents B R U S I in a precise and true way.

In one way because it reminds of nature and natural elements: perfect in a non perfect way......

So our jewels will be asymmetric and unpredictable like sand dunes or an orange tree in blossom, no need for geometric proportions !

In a different way the “natural” should be referred to US , the WOMEN that will adorn themselves with the jewels: it should always be like a natural gesture.

Our jewels should be for every day and for every place, worn easily and giving pleasure and satisfaction. The satisfaction fulfilling our inborn lust for Beauty.

More details and infos in the issues to come … to everyone !


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