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A Sparkling New Year

The new year is coming and from deep within our hearts we wish that it will bring you joy, love and new life experiences.

The vivid colors and luminous reflections of rubies, sapphires and emeralds in our monthly selection want to be a hymn to serenity and a wish for a sparkling future.

Discover the stunning pieces from Big Misty, Mai Tai, Nerone and Shapes collections!

Big Misty 18kt rose gold ring and earrings with rubies and brown diamonds.

Shapes 18kt rose gold rings with blue, green and pink sapphires and white diamonds.

Nerone 18kt rose gold earrings with sapphires and brown diamonds.

Mai Tai Supreme 18kt rose gold ring with sapphire and brown diamonds.

Mimì 18kt rose gold ring with blue sapphires and white diamonds, or emeralds and brown diamonds.


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