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At the Tailor's

Waiting for Vicenza show coming shortly and busy with the set-up and general adjustments needed to bring the goods there we won't reveal anything of the new collections coming out and that with purpose why not introducing our tailoring service which is more and more appreciated and requested ?

I can see no reasons really that might refrain me from doing so. I will deal with such a topic and I am pretty sure you will find it very very interesting.

Your grandmother's brooch is resting in the safe-box almost forgotten? The little rings you received for your 18th birthday are not suiting you anymore now that you've become some 10/20 years older?

It's a pity keeping them in a safe or at the bank...much better it would be re-inventing them into something new, something created just after your taste still keeping the original diamonds and gemstones so that the emotional binding is preserved and your memories also.

The tailoring service we offer is giving you a chance to make this real. You won't have to bother with technical details and problems, only concentrate on what you like or dream of wearing.

It's easy and costless, at least in the first moment. Yes, costless! For our customers the design and project phase is totally costless. You will only be charged with manufacturing costs and material costs (in case some stones or diamonds are added to the original ones).

At the end you will have one new piece of jewellery to wear, made according to your will, unique and exclusive...a real luxury experience.

Here following a few examples of what has been recently realized....let it be a pleasant and inspiring browsing!

Custom made earrings based on Brightfall Spirit collection. From Virtual to rality

Custom made ring with 2 wedding rings and 5 carrè stones

Custom made ring with central diamond and white and yellow gold elements


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