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Autumn or Fall?

I've always thought that Fall is a very appropriate word for Autumn representing the quintessence of this moment of trespassing and decay in Nature life.

It is a very romantic, though melancholic moment and it has been fully praised in literature in all centuries.

This is what I thought before ........ before the global warming-up of the planet had as a direct effect the production of spectacular September summer days, like we are having now.

My idea of Autumn turned into a milder one...something like a prolongued and idle Summer, still laying in the sun, fiercely dozing.

This month we are very proud to present our beautiful jewels in a Autumn mood.

The shooting was taken here in our premises and we were surprised ourselves of how intensely they can shine ...even in such unusual scenery!

The delicate pink of rose' gold is enhanced by the mellow orange of bio pumpkins and the incredible poignancy of red sapphires gets even higher among hot and spicy peppers!

"Cannellissimo" ring, ​ pink gold, brown rosecut and brilliant diamonds

"Morfeo" ring

​ pink gold, beige sapphire and brown rosecut and brilliant diamonds and white diamonds

"Saffron" ring, pink gold, yellow sapphire and fancy rosecut and white diamonds

"Indjo" rings, pink gold, purple sapphires and brown rosecut diamonds


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