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Baggy invasion

Is Jewellery trend forecasting a truly reliable discipline?

Maybe not – in fact all the brands just continue producing their jewellery despite all trends and tendencies but don't tell the journalists – so we will simply report of the most-wanted and most- appreciated among our jewels that were exhibited in Vicenza during the last week.

One of these successful pieces are for sure our lovely earrings “Baggy-Circle”, in both of the 2 different versions presented to the public: rose' gold and nude-pink flat sapphires or natural white gold with grey flat sapphires.

Both versions without black rhodium – to preserve the light emanating from the diamonds – and both satinated for an ultra-chic result.

Baggy-Circle are elegant earrings in a perfect size that will suite to any woman. They are chic and not exaggerated, a bit bon-ton but still not completely classic. We were impressed at noticing that so many clients, with a very different taste, age and origin would all choose them as a novelty to present in their shops for Christmas.

We cannot but agree with our clients and thank them for the support and precious good comments received.

Apart from the version with diamonds only on top there is also another one available with 2 sets of sapphires for a stronger and even more colourful effect.

The earrings in the picture are showing beautiful rouge sapphires and they are in the good company of our iconic Indjo ring.


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