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Big Misty Fascination

Just before leaving for summer vacations a special preview anticipating the Vicenza Show in September: “Big Misty”, a brand new line with a strong, huge personality.

Big Misty: rings with emeralds, blue sapphires and brown diamonds, on pink gold

These big rings are typical of BRUSI for many reasons: the shape - irregular with curvy and rounded edges - and the gemstones combination - a mixed pave'shining with the incredible colours of emeralds, rubies, sapphires and morganite - in the very first place.

They will perfectly suit a bold woman, self-confident and looking for something special, which cannot be found everywhere.

It's not a piece of jewellery that will go unnoticed!

The line will be presented for the first time in September during Vicenza Oro and we are really longing to show them to our friends, partners and supporters.

Besides the rings there will be also earrings and bracelets completing the line.

As always the same rings and earrings will be available in the tones of brown and chamapagne diamonds too for the most classic of Brusi colour combinations.

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!

​ the way...

Happy summer holidays!

Enjoy and see you at the end of August



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