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Big Pink

Pink is a lovely colour indeed and you can find it in such a wide variety of different shades that for sure one of them will meet your aesthetic expectations.

Not only baby-pink but rather coral pink, salmon pink, rosewood pink, dogwood pink, fuchsia, amaranth, cerise, rosebud pink, magenta, orchid and the wonderful, and simply irresistible “must” of the season , the “Nudes”.

Remember: sometimes red is just too much and white isn’t quite right. Finding a space in between, pink is more than just pretty — it can, by turns, be demure, fresh, light or moody.

Pink gemstones look fantastic set in any metal and in any style: sophisticated when combined to white gold, they look pleasantly warm when matching the pink gold tones.

The list of pink gemstones is surprisingly long but the most popular are: diamonds,sapphires, tourmalines, morganite, kunzite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite and pink quartz.

Our proposal for pink are these 2 earrings, very feminine, fresh and seductive: one mounting a pair of nude-pink flat sapphires and the other one a bunch of top-quality rose' quarzes.

We love both of them very much for their colour, their being feminine, delicate and sensual at the same time Get yourself a pink cuddle, you deserve it!


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