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Brightfall strikes again

Happy with sunshine and spring time warm weather ?…....then you will be even happier with the new entries of our beloved Brightfall collection.

As a fresh air coming from a long distance and much awaited for the novelties in the Brightfall collection will make you fall in love immediately and leave you with no chance of escape.

Brightfall is a line with a very strong characterization: a stretchy frame first of all which gives to these jewels the softness of fabric and a distinctive feminine touch.

The second trait peculiar to them is the mix of brown, white and grey diamonds, skillfully blended together by the wise hands of our specialists.

All of this resulting into some extraordinary jewels: elegant, flexuous, sensual and full of Brightness, hence their name “Brightfall”, a cascade of brightness indeed.

The newly born of the series are “Wings”, earrings with a really contemporary attitude, and “Lightfall” a new mini set made of rings, earrings and bracelet.

Wings and Lightfall are pure “Pret-a-Porter”: easy to wear, sober, essential and ready to be with us all the time with their elegance , freshness and light.

Apart from the classic – for BRUSI – combination of pink gold and brown diamonds we were raptured by white gold and grey diamonds, a MUST HAVE of the season.

It's nearly week-end now so we want to leave you with a suggested outfit …....all comments are more than welcome!!!!

Enjoy, stay tuned and be happy!


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