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BRUSI limited Edition

This astonishing brooch is just going to be given to a lady for her wedding anniversary and we feel so much involved after all the energy and efforts spent in preparing the sketches, preparing the 3D virtual model, modelling the pro-type, working finally on the real piece of jewelry.

We chose the stones, chose the oval central sapphire and decided where the white diamonds should be set combining with the blue sapphires.

We compared the same brooch with the 2 camels standing in slightly different poses and everything keeping constantly in touch with this lady's husband.

It was a marvellous journey through a life spent together and we felt so honoured and motivated as we were realizing something that would be standing forever as a symbol of their affection and love.

They met in Egypt around 53 years ago and started dating shortly after the vacation on the Nile. As lovers living in different towns before getting married they exchanged letters where they called themselves “camels” and this is why the two animals are showing right in the middle of the brooch.

Our goldsmiths together with our knowledge and skills just made this man's dream a reality and this is something we are really good at: realizing such special pieces of jewellery for anyone wanting something different, unique, “taylor-made” on the demand.

It is the strength of the excellence of companies like us. We are not global brands, we do not produce in huge quantities in some Asian country, we do not follow the logic of financial big investments...we simply do our job at the best with professionality, seriousness, commitment and passion. Every single day all the year around.


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