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It's one of the first shapes we design as kids and it's a shape of perfect simplicity. It's also one of our new lines and subject of today's newsletter.

Circle is a line of earrings, bracelets and necklaces in satinated gold with just a dash of diamonds, brown or grey.

It's an easy to wear line, precious but not too shiny, something we can really wear every day. It's what we define "sober elegance" , our way of interpreting elegance.

Also it has much to do with our idea of "natural jewels" : nothing too much artificially constructed but softly-unrolling fluid lines proposed in basic, natural colours.

Here is the bracelet in pink brushed gold and brown diamonds.

A perfect Christmas gift ! 😊

For the lovers of white gold instead we are presenting the earrings: here in white brushed gold and grey diamonds . Pink or white ? a difficult choice indeed......and think that yellow is also possible !

The earrings in this line are available in different sizes and combinations ......which is your favourite one?

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