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Deep Blue or luminous Turquoise?

The question has been buzzing in my head repeatedly in these last days and it seems it won't find an answer, not easily at least.

The hot temperatures we are now experimenting in Milano are a source of discomfort and suffering and what is left for us to do is dreaming of tropical islands where a gentle breeze and the shadow of the palm trees will provide a pleasant rescue from the hot sunlight.

In the distance the blue of the ocean.... sun beams reflecting on the water ....the colours are so vivid and vibrant that we can feel them in our body …...

Now we do believe that the blue of the ocean or the blue of a starry summer night can quite closely resemble the blue of sapphires or the blue of seductive tanzanite with its beautiful purple shades. From time to time we like to choose blue gemstones and create around them precious jewels able to recall such images.

The combination is mostly with pink gold and diamonds for a very warm, feminine embrace.

Nevertheless -should the blue tones not be your favourite ones - then turquoise should definitively be your option.

Apatite, sapphires and paraiba tourmaline are among the gemstones with such a light, fresh and clear colour. They make me think of aegean landscapes – white-washed tiny houses and their turquoise roofs – of crystal waters, of hidden lagunas , of azulejos and exotic places.

Deep blue or luminous turquoise...difficult to make a choice ….. almost impossible!


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