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Discover Vicenza

Vicenza is starting in a few days and we would like to invite you all to come and visit us at our booth : Pav. 6 booth 122

We have new collections coming out and I promise you won't be disappointed!

The new catalogue is coming out too but nothing can be revealed in advance ... you really have to come!

Thinking of the newsletter and the subject it should be talking about we felt perplexed and mislaid ..... in our mind we were only repeating to ourselves "Vicenza is arriving", "one more week and Vicenza will be starting again"...." it's just round the corner, Vicenza".....and in the end after some hours of thinking and musing ...all of a sudden it was clear and steady in front of us ...that we should talk of Vicenza !

So only for you ......the 10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Vicenza !!!!!

We suggest visiting this web-site , it will give you many hints.

For us too it was a real surprise , that this small town about 200 km east of Milano should contain such a number of beautiful buildings that truly had to be seen once there.

Here for you is our special selection of what cannot be missed, hope you will enjoy !!!!


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