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Foody, the Expo and Mother’s Day

Greetings to all the Moms of the World !!!!

It’s true we already posted our special greetings in our fb page but here I would like to renew our greetings !

We love u moms !!!

Apart from this, and apart from the incredible heat that is affecting us in these May days – really too early for the Heat - the big event of the month is, without and beyond all doubts - the so-long-waited-for grand opening of Expo here in Milan.

For months we have been deeply concerned about the Expo….we were frightened that something might go wrong, that the pavilions might not be ready on time, that the new underground line might not be running on time, the worst images were crowding our minds !!!!…..well, in the end, it seems that everything went the right way and the opening ceremony of Expo has been a great success !!!

Expo will be here welcoming people from all over the world until October 2015 and we are so proud of what our city has been able to do !

Moreover we went there and we can say that it’s GREAT ! absolutely a MUST BE of this year !

If you need any infos there’s the web-site EXPO 2015

As everybody probably knows the theme of Expo is food, how we can feed the planet in the years to come in a sustainable way. We totally agree on the topic, something will have to change !

While leaving everybody to individual reflection on the subject we would like to do a little homage to Expo with these food-mood shootings.


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