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Frosty Jewels

Some snow is finally falling on Milan and as I was watching the smiling faces of my daughters playing in our small whitened courtyard this morning just before going to school I thought to myself that wintertime can be really fascinating.

When covered with snow everything becomes sumptuous, calm in a regal way. I always imagine the elements sleeping under the white precious mantle, no sounds in the still air and a feeling of peacefulness around.

It is an image that fills me in deeply with joy and positive thoughts.

A white landscape where the ugly and scattered is cancelled for good and ever.

What is the connection with jewels, if there is any, should now be the question

And it is indeed the question of this newsletter.

My answer is that such a frosty, icy, white Beauty can be found in a similar way in the colors of many precious gemstones such as diamonds icy and sapphires.

The white diamonds need no presentation and their whiteness and clearness, as we know, is the best that can be found in Nature.

The icy diamonds though are by far our favorite. They are not as pure as the white ones but their reflections and different hues - white, icy, icy grey, icy light blu, off white, milky white - can take possession of our eyes and mind too.

The same is also true of the natural sapphires, the flat ones not in gem quality that were love at first sight for us.

Extremely difficult to find and so beautiful if one only is open to their chromatic richness and rareness, beyond the narrow boundaries of guarantees and certifications.

These rings and earrings are in white gold, icy diamonds and natural pastel colour sapphires.

A special idea for these winter days still remaining to us: our frosty collection always available in our selected retailers.


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