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Gold Fascination

In Vicenzaoro September it was the time to present our brand new Collections:

"Cannella Gold", " The Bends" and "Circle".

All of them are featuring a massive return to Gold and for us it is a real New Attitude.

Keeping loyal to the BRUSI mood and sensibility the Lines have been constructed around this idea of Gold as the central and out-breaking element.

The Lines have been presented in White, Pink and - new glamorous option of the season - Yellow Gold.

Not only in the polished version but also in a matt, strongly powerful, not treated version.

The Must of the season we would say is Natural White Gold, not treated at all, only brushed to keep it materic and primitive, completely Natural like the BRUSI jewels are.

And Natural as it is it will last forever, never changing, pure and essential.

Vicenza has been a Great moment, perfect for us to present the new Lines and get an immediate feedback from our customers. Our efforts have been well rewarded since the feedback was good and encouraging us to proceed.

We would like to thank our clients, friends and supporters for their affection.

There is nothing for us like the shimmering eyes of the female public when trying any of our jewels, saying much more than a thousand words.

Vicenza is over now and we are now working on the Christmas campaign.

A new catalogue is coming out shortly....will keep you poster !


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