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Living Coral

As we were in Vicenza for the jewellery show last week we came across an article telling that "Living Coral" has been announced as the Pantone colour for 2019.

"Living Coral" is a pinkish coral hue with a Golden undertone that will for sure conquer all of us. Vibrant yet mellow it is a warm colour full of grace.

In jewellery this hue can be found in stones such as moonstone, sapphires and tourmalines.

All the lovers of gemstones will appreciate the mix of pink, orange, red and Golden hues combined together for truly intriguing effects.

Let me add to all this that we have immediately fallen in love with this colour for one more reason as it perfectly combines with pink gold which is our favourite gold colour.

Live pink and look at the world through golden lens and everything will smile back at you !

​See you next month!



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