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Lockdown - Phase 2

Dear Customers,

after 2 months spent staying home to prevent the spreading of the virus, we should be able now to get back to work.

Jewellery shops will open again in Italy on May 18th and we will be coming back on that date too. We are truly longing to be back at work and cannot wait for that day to arrive. We will be back to take care of our clients supporting them again as we have always done until now.

The lockdown in Italy has now come to phase 2, starting on next Monday May the 4th. Restrictions will still be there but it is true that a light is arising at the end of the tunnel and this is giving us hope and courage.

What is certain is we will never forget these difficult times.

Memories of the lockdown and of the social distancing measures will accompany us for a very long time.

Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Ponywave

Reflecting on the coronavirus subject is maybe still difficult, the perspective being too narrow for the moment.

Take us for weird guys but what we aim at now is stimulating some sort of reflection on the coronavirus emergency and to do so actually decided to borrow from street art.

In these 2 neuralgic months street artists have indeed responded to the Covid19 pandemic by creating eye-catching murals with powerful messages that add more than just a splash of colour to the landscape.

We want to leave you with some of the best street art contributions appeared everywhere in the world from L.A. to Berlin, from London to Barcelona, Warsaw, Amsterdam and Mumbai.

It's our tribute to these astonishing times.

Hope you will enjoy ...see you all soon in May!

​Happy to start again and continue to create jewels as we did before.


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