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Martha's Vineyard

If you feel like knocking off your shoes and laying down on a sandy beach under a blue summer sky thinking of sun bathing until dawn ....well this is the newsletter for you 😊

Summer is here and vacations quickly approaching so why not spending these 10 minutes imagining to be transported on the spot to some different place, a place smelling, breathing and looking like "our summer dream".

And more specifically our summer dream, topic of the present newsletter is ....Martha's Vineyard.

Martha's Vineyard is a Massachusetts island, just in front of Cape Cod, not too far away from New York , only accessible by boat or air. The island was settled by the English in the 1600’s but it was already a thriving Native American trade center when the Mayflower landed in Plymouth; it’s been a popular summer resort since the 1800’s. There are six little towns, old picket-fenced cemeteries from before the American Revolution filled with beautiful stone grave markers, sandy beaches, miles of bumpy dirt roads, charming architecture in tree-lined neighborhoods, lighthouses, gray-weathered fishing shacks, wildflower-studded meadows, lakes, ponds, woods to walk in, harbors filled with schooners and cat boats, old farm houses in rolling pastures bordered by lichen-covered rock walls, all surrounded by sunsets and water which are never the same two days in a row. It’s very easy to “go back in time,” the quiet village streets are of another era, and church bells ring as they’ve done here forever. And if you need some more reasons to fall in love with the Vineyard here you have a few:

It’s soooo quiet. Trees everywhere. There are no traffic lights-just stop signs. The top speed limit is 45 mph. There is no fast food. Fresh seafood abounds. Dirt roads leading to secluded spots. Sheep grazing in green fields on bluffs perched above the sea Elegant buildings from the 1700 and 1800’s. Beautiful beaches. A slower pace.

Is it enough ? For us Martha's Vineyard is a perfect BRUSI place , a place where nature is still very much around making us feel good, healthy and relaxed.


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