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Marzo pazzerello prima il sole poi l'ombrello

It's march and march is a difficult month, isn't it?

In italian we have this popular way of saying “marzo pazzerello prima il sole e poi l'ombrello” which refers to the fast changing weather of this month …..sunshine and rain, cold and warm temperatures....... they will be poured down on us in a totally unpredictable way leaving us with a sense of being poor little things in this great big World.

...leaving us, we were saying, often with a sour throat or a bad flu or a fever, the typical seasonal diseases.

Which is not of course a good condition but still the price to pay for the reward waiting for us just round the corner: the arrival of Spring time.

Reassuming we should always keep in mind that such events as:

  • End of Winter time

  • Spring arrival (ih ih ih !)

  • Celebrations for Dad's Day

are taking place in the month of March which will be as a consequence a favorite one !

So enjoy the first Spring days of the year and our suggestions for some very seasonal pleasures :

  • a pic-nic in the countryside

  • a strawberry cake baked for the kids

  • a vespa trip to Liguria (especially recommended if you have never been there)


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