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Organic Diamonds

Icy, cloudy, rough - call them what you will - the truth is diamonds previously dismissed in terms of gemquality status are now making the grade in fine jewellery designs.

The question now is: do you know what an icy diamond exactly is? If you are not sure about it then this newsletter is the right one for you! In fact we are here to investigate together.

Icy diamonds are basically heavily included diamonds: they contain imperfections that render them more opaque than transparent, gem-quality diamonds. Yet despite these irregularities, they have a certain beauty of their own. The inclusions diffuse the light in a certain way that gives the stones a beautiful frosty glow and moreover each piece is unique and different.

Icy or cloudy diamonds are typically rose cut, a flat-bottomed cut with a high crown that was prevalent before the development of the modern, round brilliant cut. It is a perfectly adequate cut for an opaque stone whose main property is not light return.

The colours of these diamonds can be found in a range wide enough to include: grey, black, brown, yellow, green, red and all the possible combinations of any of the shades just mentioned.

Here again each stone is different and unique and in this sense the quintessence of exclusivity if you allow me to dare as much.

A diamond does not have to be perfectly clear to be breathtaking. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected which really draws us in and the delightfully imperfect nature of organic diamonds has a truly sensual, understated appeal.

It was just obvious and predictable that we would fall in LOVE and have them in our collection: Organic diamonds if you think are the perfect soul mates for our Natural Jewels, our idea of “perfection inside imperfections” becoming more alive than ever. Here for you some natural breath-taking jewels created in 18 kt gold with cloudy organic diamonds: unique pieces for somebody looking for exclusivity.


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