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Polky invasion

A new collection has just arrived for this 2019 Christmas season and it has been presented in Vicenza for the first time only a couple of weeks ago.

The line - named “Polky Dots” - has immediately become a MUST HAVE for the season and we believe will conquer more and more consent along the way.

The rings of the line are in 3 different sizes and available either in a polished version or in a satinated one. At the same time the diamonds can be white, brown or grey.

Matching the rings we have the earrings in small, medium and big size just like the rings.

The line is easy-to-wear, simple but not ordinary, chic and trendy.

Make your selection and combine 2 or 3 rings together! Or go for one big one instead!

You can have fun and invent a different matching every day.

The line is available in all our partner jewellery stores and in our boutique in Milan.


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