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Shapes, jewels with a new identity

In Brusi we are all very proud to present our new line of jewels – rings, earrings and pendants – of which no name could be more representative than “Shapes”.

Imagine a whole lot of multi-shape rosecut loose sapphires, glittering in their bright and intense colours....and imagine the same sapphires becoming a ring, a pair of earrings, a pendant… combing themselves in different ways and becoming alive in front of your eyes as our designer goes on in his creative process.

Each piece in Shapes is a unique piece. Even though they all resemble one another no ring, no earrings and no pendant in the Shape collection can be repeated and is actually different for one or more details.

As a preview we are now presenting the rings. Pink gold is combined to 3 different shades of sapphires – blue, red and green – made even more precious by a sparkle of diamonds.

​Almost impossible to resist!


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