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Snow Princess and St. Valentine's

……we are a bit excited as this is our first “Monthly Review” and we hope it will be a much appreciated appointment for all of us!

…yes, we know it ! …St. Valentine’s Day has gone already but what we want to give out as a message is that we should love each other every single day of the year!!! So let’s celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together, though a bit late...

…let Love be spread all around and be with us all the time!!!!

It’s what we wish you for this new year …..our first year …it’s a beginning and it will be a good one!

Anyway our suggestions to all lovers - loving and loved ones - is to take a couple of days off and go to some very romantic alpine resorts ! We have some beautiful places here around in the Alps…you can relax, enjoy the marvellous Nature around, walk on snow shoes, go skiing, have a bath in a thermal pool, better if outside among a snow-covered all white magic world…

After the pool you will have dinner in front of a fireplace, tasting typical dishes and drinking good wine…..a perfect day!

Can you just imagine how regenerating this can be?

You can, sure you can …..and we too are just thinking of packing and leaving right now, in this moment ……we wish we could ….but waking up from dreams……

…imagining this frozen magic place we just reason that the “Snow Princess” earrings would be lovely…white gold with icy sapphires and white diamonds…perfect to feel like a princess!

…or maybe better the “Nina” ring always with icy sapphire and icy diamonds all around…on white satinated gold…absolutely chic!

Natural white gold or satinated white gold is a combination that we adore ! Gold colour becomes something in between to white and beige …absolutely cute!!!!

Anyway for the most traditional ones, and not only for them, here is a very romantic ring with a bloody ruby inside…ring Gemmy on pink gold and with brown diamonds around……it’s the perfect gift…better if you get it sipping champagne in the thermal pool with the Alps surrounding…Romantic and unforgettable !

Lot’s of greetings to all of you ! and see you soon in a month …more or less!!!!


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