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Something happening

"There's something happening here

What it is ain't exactly clear..."

​[ Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth 1967 ]

Vicenza is approaching and our BRUSI team is already back to work.

Yes! we are indeed already working for the fair: the last pieces need the final polishing procedures, each single piece of jewellery will go through the shooting and pricing and tagging.

We are working on the new catalogues, writing down releases for the press and choosing the colours for the new collections.

It is a very exciting moment, the moment when the new-borns finally see the light and you can look at them with satisfaction, so proud of the creation that has been generated in the creative process.

​It is a moment full of energy, of positive energy and everybody is happy and gay and good-willing.

This year, like always, we will have some new collections coming out for the Christmas season but we won't reveal too much right now. You will have to come to Vicenza and find out yourself at our booth.

So don't miss the event !!!! We will be exposing at the usual place:

One of the new lines will be called “New Circles". It's a line - made of rings, earrings and pendants - where gold plays an important role and which will be presented in different versions: polished, satinated, rodiated or in its natural savage beauty.

Only for our newsletter's readers here is a preview of the “New Circles” rings. Enjoy them now and buy a flight to Vicenza so as to be able to see them “alive” over there.

Kisses and good Karma to all of you!!!


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