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Summer Fun

…it's nearly summer time so you will forgive us if we indulge today in a playful game...trying to find amusement in these last hours before the final escape towards dreamy summer destinations...the game consisting in suggesting a different outfit for the different occasions of your summer days! Comments and ideas are more than welcome so please write to us and we will publish your posts. 😊

1. Sun salutation on a white sandy beach to re-charge your energy level

2. Breakfast on a terrace with the ocean in front of us

3. Visiting your favourite food market

4. Hiking trail among the Alps

5. Regenerating spa treatments with detox tea and ginger breads

6. S​ailing on a gulet in the turkish sea

7. V​isiting the MOMA museum in New York City

8. W​hite wine and seafood on the breton coast

9. Pic-Nic with family

10. ...where ever you are , whatever you do...if you feel good, loved and relaxed that's the best vacation to choose !!!!!!! Be yourself, feel good, be natural ….with B R U S I !


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