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Summer Night

So the question is this time...... have you seen these two movies“The Great Gatsby” and “Moulin Rouge” ?

Maybe yes, maybe not ...maybe you read the book “The Great Gatsby” in the past …..but reading the book is, in this specific case, not the same as watching the movie ….

...because what you have to do is watching carefully and get delighted by the extraordinary explosion of jewels, diamonds and ornaments that is a very typical feature of both these movies.

...and , getting back to the title of this newsletter, why not spending one of these sleepless (because of the baking hot weather of course) nights watching again one of the two ? Or , for those who really dare, both of them ?

...lazily, laying down on the sofa with some icy drink by the side ? A bit dreaming and a bit dozing ….. it's summer time and we should take it easy !

…...but it could be a really illuminating experience especially if performed with this special new aim: looking at the jewels and take notice of how strongly they can build up the image of a woman and contribute to her allure, glamour and appeal.

Also think of the greatest actresses of the past and the image they had ...they were charming, fascinating and totally distant from every day, common life.

So different from the actresses of today ...even when looking at them strolling on the red carpet you are conscious that, behind the make-up, there is a common woman, maybe incredibly rich, but not different from anybody else (they will have kids, a husband, or they are divorcing from a husband, maybe you know they run a company manufacturing jewels or perfumes or swimming suites but this is more or less what anybody is doing in a real life).

The Divas of the past seemed like they belonged to another world …...distant and magnificent and totally out of reach.

And they all wore jewels !!!!!!

So after this celebration of jewels through movies and movie stars we are so much in a visionary and cinematographic mood and in this mood we wish you happy and relaxing holidays and we invite you to Vicenza to discover the new wonderful pieces we have been creating for you !

Like all beautiful things they will make you feel better and enjoy a moment of real pleasure !

So Ladies and the Gentlemen ….are you ready ? Curtains open wide ...the show is about to begin !!!!


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