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Summer time!!!

Welcome back to our newsletter ! It's June and it's summer ! Finally ! In B R U S I we are all thinking of sunshine and vacations, relax and having a good time. All those who have a chance to do it ...please take a few days off , wear light clothes, sandals, sunglasses and reach some exotic resorts ! Just open a travel guide and choose your final destinations ! Not forgetting, of course, to bring special jewels for the summer season with you. For this summer season we suggest bright colours like apatite or white sapphires. Apatite is a natural stone that reminds of turquoise and the clear waters of far away islands … Add a white sandy beach, palms and a refreshing drink and …well there anything else you can be longing for ?

….as you will need to change your outfit from time to time why not trying an off-white combination with leather sandals, a white tunic and our beloved “Indjo” ring with a beautiful natural white sapphire ? Better if accompanied by some long earrings !

They will give light to your tan and make you feel just perfect !

…..last but not least, for those who want to impress, we suggest our “Parrocchetto” earrings, amazing long earrings with natural emeralds and yellow sapphires. Simply gorgeous and with a brasilian touch that we adore !


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