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Tanzanite dreaming

Slowly we are all recovering our past habits, our lives as they were before the Covid came to make a ground zero of them. Summer is here again, flowers never stopped blossoming, birds never stopped singing their tunes ....well enough it seemed like the natural elements were showing to us we do not count, that they can do without us ....they can manage very well, even better than with us.

Leaving aside issues that should be faced seriously but for sure not in this newsletter we are simply very happy to present our new Tanzanite mini collection: a few unique pieces with top quality tanzanite that are the perfect gift fot your wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters....

Classic rings, everlasting, simple, chic, only gold, the beauty of tanzanite and a sparkle of diamonds.

To say you that you are happy, that you care, that you love and wish to share good vibes. 🥰


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