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Ten Museums to visit if you like Jewels

Welcome back again ! Remember ? We went through a marvelllous journey together, visiting - even if only in theory - five of the 10 not to miss jewellery museums around the globe. 5 still remain undiscovered but not for long ...are you ready ? The tour is starting immediately!!!!

6. Iran’s National Jewelry Museum (Teheran) Most of the royal jewelry of Iran is in display in this museum from Safavid, Afsharid, Ghajarid and Pahlavid dynasties such as the Darya-ye-Noor diamond (the sea of light), Naderi Paisley, the crown of Queen Farah Pahlavi, Kiyani crown, the gemmed globe, the Peacock bed (Ghajarid) (The sun bed), and the Naderi bed. We invite you to take a look at this incredible, amazing, breath- taking piece of jewellery: Darya-ye-Noor, the world's largest pink diamond.

7. Cooper Hewitt Museum (New York City)

Along with the jewelry in its permanent collection, the museum also has exhibits dedicated to gems, like the 2011 show of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry in which this intricate brooch, topped off with a 95-carat diamond, was shown.

8. Bulgari's Heritage Collection (Rome)

Bulgari's Heritage Collection consists of around 600 unique pieces.Special mention must be made of the collection of jewels which once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, bought back by Bulgari in 2011.

This collection includes the spectacular engagement ring she was given by Richard Burton , a magnificent seven-carat Columbian emerald.

If you are in Rome you should not miss it! But remember visits are on appointment only!

9. Diamond Museum Amsterdam (Amsterdam)

Founded in 2007, the Diamond Museum Amsterdam is dedicated to diamond jewelry. The museum holds a large and diverse collection of jewelry and gives an extensive background on diamonds and the history of diamond mining. Some famous pieces on display are the Katana diamond, the Rembrandt Diamond and the Ape Skull.

10. Dali Museum (Figueres - Spain)

Last something curious for sure ...but not to be missed!

Did you know that Salvadori Dali used to design jewelry?

Probably not ….but thanks to us now you have a chance to discover something about this talented and eccentric man.

Salvador Dalí used to design his jewels on paper, with all sorts of details and very precise shapes, materials and colours, while the actual making of the jewels was carried out in New York, under the attentive supervision of the artist, in the studio of Carlos Alemany, a gold/silversmith of Argentinian origin.

Moreover Dali's jewels illustrate perfectly the various phases of his artistic evolution from 1941 and until 1970.

Our journey has come to the end...we really hope you enjoyed.

We leave you with some beautiful jewels from a contemporary jewellery young “maison” ….it's called BRUSI ….maybe you will hear a lot about them in the years to come : )


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