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The Age of Innocence

A world made of refinement and charm, a world that seems distant but that resurfaces in a whisper, in a hidden gaze or in the sparkle of a jewel.

Let yourself be conquered by diamonds and natural precious stones set in jewels with harmonious and delicate shapes.

Festive season is about to begin. Follow us in a contemporary fairytale where past and present mix in a fascinating union and discover the pieces of the Cosmos, Brightfall, Lightfall and Oplà collections.

Cosmos 18kt rose gold earrings with rosecut and brilliant cut diamonds.

Brigtfall 18kt rose gold rings ​with grey and brown diamonds

Lightfall 18kt rose gold rings with diamonds

Oplà 18kt rose gold rings with blue topaz, amethyst and tourmaline.

Oplà 18kt rose gold rings with tsavorite and iolite, blue topaz and sapphires, tourmaline and diamonds.


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