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The Enchanting Allure of Turquoise

We unveil today a captivating new collection that celebrates the mesmerizing beauty of turquoise – a stone revered for centuries for its captivating hues and symbolic significance.

Turquoise, a gemstone coveted by cultures worldwide, transcends fleeting trends. Its unique blend of blues and greens evokes the serenity of tranquil waters and the vibrancy of a flourishing spring. In our hands, these captivating stones are meticulously crafted into a selection of dazzling earrings, each a testament to Brusi's commitment to unparalleled artistry.

This exclusive collection embodies a perfect synergy of turquoise's captivating beauty, the brilliance of diamonds and precious gemstones such as tanzanite or sapphire and the enduring allure of gold. Our master designers have woven these elements together to create pieces that are both undeniably sophisticated and undeniably unique – a perfect complement to the refined taste of the Brusi clientele.

The collection draws inspiration from the sea and its elements, embodying the serenity and freedom it evokes. Available for you at our partner jewelers all across Europe.


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