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Wabi Sabi or the Aesthetic of Imperfection

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese term that can be translated to mean “flawed beauty” or “the perfection in imperfection”. It often refers to the beauty found in nature which is organic, asymmetrical or otherwise imperfect but still aesthetically pleasing.

It is a philosophy and attitude which in BRUSI we fully embrace, basically permeating our jewels and guiding our choices in terms of design and gemstones selection.

Our jewels do not follow symmetry, our gemstones are not flawless but beautiful and sometimes breath-taking. It should be time for focusing on the beauty which is hold inside natural elements and stop chasing for a perfection which does not belong to this world.

This might be a hint for more serious thinking but it goes well beyond our purposes so we leave you with a few pictures of wabi-sabi jewels from BRUSI collections that will touch you deeply despite their organic shapes and “flawed” gemstones.


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