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We like it Beige

Indeed we love beige gold . We love its being elegant and sophisticated . We love the glamorous style and the natural appeal of white gold not treated with white rodium.

Beige gold in fact is white gold left as it is naturally without the white rodium treatment.

It is a sort of off-white hue, something really elegant as white gold but with the warm touch and tenderness of pink gold also.

A perfect match that will conquer easily and will not be forgotten for sure.

Apart from white and pink we have been proposing beige gold also in our latest collections registering an enthusiastic response from most counterparts.

We present here our ring Cannellissimo Gold in natural satinated beige gold and white diamonds and our Knottie ring in natural satinated beige gold and a pave' of white and grey diamonds.

The beige gold when satinated becomes velvety and reminds of a creamy softness.

We think it is chic, modern and irresistibly alternative.

We suggest matching them with something in white gold and white diamonds. They will enhance one another's qualities in a precise game of opposition and compensation (polished vs satinated, ice cold tones vs warmer colour, classic style vs originality, flashing light vs sobriety).

Here following some suggestions for a day-time and nightly outfit.


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