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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to everybody ! We hope you had good the seaside, mountains, lake, countryside.....whatever your selected destination turned out to be.

We are working these days to prepare the Vicenza Show which is very shortly opening on saturday the 5th of September 2015.

We hope to meet you there ! Our position is: Hall 6, Booth n° 122.

For those who still have not come and seen the new venue in Vicenza...well, you should definitively take a few days off as it will well be worth of it !

We will present our new lines …....we do not want to say anything in advance but it will be a pleasant discovery indeed !

Two of these new lines are “Morfeo” and “Miss Drei” and they are fresh, elegant and really really chic !

As usual they look like classic jewellery but with a special touch it because the diamonds are not only the classic white diamonds – you know we like to mix white, grey and icy diamonds or brilliant and rosecut diamonds in a good “calibrated” balance – or because the finishing is not classic, or because of certain details that will make the difference.....anyway we hope to see you in Vicenza !

“Morfeo” and “ Miss Drei” are two new and complete lines but there will be much more to see …..stunning and unique one-of-a-kind pieces with wonderful colours – those soft colours that we love so much - long earrings with white and grey rosecut diamonds that will make you shine for special occasions, fantastic over-sized rings with a strong personality …...

Everything featuring a combination of sapphires, diamonds of all colours and cuttings, white and pink gold, polished and satinated … is a joy for us and we hope it will be for you too !

So, reminding you again - Hall 6 ,Booth 122 – we leave you with one, only one small preview....


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