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What a lovely pair of earrings

Colourful, fresh, precious and glamorous: these the main features of our earrings “Amorim” ….which are lovely earrings indeed!!!

They match the brightness of diamonds – in a warm champagne tone – with the deliciously fresh colours of “triplettes” made of blue sapphires, emeralds or paraiba tourmalines in combination with mother of pearl and rock crystal.

We recommend to have one pair of these earrings in the bag when leaving for summer holidays.

They will just make of your outfit an unforgettable one!

Our earrings “Amorim” can be realized in pink/white/yellow gold according to taste and they exist in a variety of different colours: the ocean-blue of blue sapphire, the leafy-green of emerald, the incredible hues of paraiba tourmaline and, last but not least, the elegant and sophisticated off-white of fossil coral. So which is your favourite one?


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