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When Art meets Jewelry

We are happy this month to present an exclusive pair of earrings, a one-of-a-kind piece taken from BRUSI “unique” line, jewels that can never be repeated and that will guarantee a real luxury experience to those who are looking for it.

“Sunset over the Lagoon” is a wonderful creation realized in satinated 18 kt pink gold , brown round cut diamonds and a couple of breath-taking natural sapphire slices.

These sapphire slices are 100 % natural and, though not transparent as the classic gem-quality sapphires everyone knows, the microscope will tell us they are corundum slices. i.e. aluminium oxides just like the more prestigious cousins.

What is extraordinary of this couple is the texture of the sapphires, the colour blending from grey/brownish to nearly violet and the different shades of transparency they have resembling a painting, a piece of art.

As Christmas is approaching why not thinking of such a jewel to tell your beloved one that she is really special for you? 🧡

"Sunset over the lagoon" earrings in 18 kt pink gold


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