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Why are people attracted to Jewels?

Are they still attracted to Jewels? And why should they buy jewels when there is a wide offer of costume jewellery at very affordable prices?

For us simply the question does not exist. People have always been attracted to jewels and they will always be because – as simple as this might sound - they are beautiful and we feel attracted to beautiful things just because they can give us pleasure. It doesn't matter if it is a landscape, a piece of art or a jewel ...still we will experience a moment of pleasure thus gratifying ouserlves in the deep. When we buy a jewel we pamper ouserselves or the person to whom the jewel will go. It is nothing more than this. ​So why should we buy jewels? Here some of the possible reasons:

  1. They are valuable objects. The price of gold, diamonds and precious stones has been constantly increasing in the last years, this making of them a secure investment.

  2. They are long-lasting. Jewels are among the few items still entirely hand-made and it normally takes hours or days to make one single piece. The attention and care that are dedicated to them guarantee for a very high quality. Your jewels, if well treated, will follow you for a Life-Time and even more, they will be handed down from one generation to another.

  3. They are precious, special and often unique. If we want to say “I love you” …..we will be wanting to give something precious, special, unique and long-lasting, won't we? We want to say to our beloved that he/she is so special and precious to us as the jewel we chose. And that, just as the jewel we chose, our Love will last for a very long time.

  4. They are Beautiful. A moment of pure Pleasure. See in the beginning.

  5. They make us feel better, more shiny and glamorous. Yes, just like high heels every woman will feel more beautiful when wearing jewels and this will make them feel better, experiencing a moment of pleasure and joy. Don't spend too much money in the Spa...sometimes to look gorgeous outside we only need to feel good and happy inside.

To us these reasons are more than enough. What are you expecting? Go and find the Jewel for you or for your beloved one!!!! We can give you some suggestions though...bisous...kisses...besos...küssen!!!!!


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