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With love from Vicenza

….the fair in Vicenza has gone...we thank all the friends, supporters, journalists, suppliers, customers, new customers, potential customers who passed by and contributed to the success of this edition …... it is a special, magical, powerful and motivating moment that we fear and long for at the same time !'s a test, the final examination like at school days …...adrenalin circulating very fast but then the satisfaction and relief seeing that your efforts are being appreciated and that everybody likes what you did !

It' s great ! Everybody should go through such an experience from time to time....but this is not the place to talk about self-confidence and the thaumaturgical effects of public appreciation.

We have 2 pieces that especially received a very positive feed-back from almost everybody:

The Toi-Moi ring and the Embrace ring ...and this is why the message of love, piece and affection was passing through my mind and imposed immediately for the title of this september issue of the newsletter.

They are both rings in warm pink gold with an irregular pave' of brown diamonds, both brilliant and rose cut in a perfect BRUSI style.

We would like to introduce them now …..with some hints for this season coming......comments, ideas, suggestions will be all more than welcome !


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