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Women’s Day

It’s a bit early for the new issue of our “Review” we know…..but it was yesterday that we suddenly realized in a few days it would be ….Women’s Day !

Women all around the world - of any colour, size, weight, height, carnation, shape, culture, language, religion, tradition - these are ourwishes for a peaceful and joyful Women’s Day!!!!

We really hope you will have a good time surrounded by those who love you most.

Of course a BRUSI jewel is the perfect present for a woman – be it your wife, girlfriend, daughter, nephew, grandmother - maybe with a yellow sapphire or on yellow gold….a colour so rich, energetic, full of positive energy. You immediately feel happier ….probably because they remind you of the sun, of sunflowers fields, of summer, of ripe fruits and sweet perfumes…..

Is it enough ?

These earrings here above are called “FlowerFall” and we love them for being so flowerish and feminine.

They come in pink gold with yellow opals - the same colour as honey - and a cascade of brown and white diamonds.

…..and last but not leastwe are not forgettingof all the Daddies around the world, young and old, and wish them a happy Father’s Day !!!!

We do not have yet in B R U S I a man collection but we promise we will think about it !

A big hug to all our followers especially Women and Daddies !!!!


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